Enfer (Pronounced: "Ahn-Fair"; French meaning; "Inferno or Hell") is a side-project of artist and graphic designer Jennifer C. McAtee. Born in Boulder, Colorado and now based in Houston, Texas, she has worked as a magazine editor/publisher, appeared in UK author Mick Mercer's The Hex Files (exploring the Gothic Rock scenes of the 90s), creator of Komodokat Designs, jewelry designer, metalsmith, and is currently a digital services/print-production manager, and full-time student (working towards a BFA in Graphic Design/Visual Communications from AI, Houston).  

Focusing on art, handmade objects and accessories, Enfer embraces left-hand-path ideas, infernal aesthetics, and mysterious, esoteric and occult themes.

Creativity is a powerful catalyst for self-transformation. Each piece represents a magical act that seeks to accomplish this. McAtee's work employs the creative process with her ongoing fascination for the hidden and mysterious. Connecting audiences through unique forms of visual communication, the goal is to inspire others to ignite their own creative fire from within. By doing so, the future is infused with positivity and purpose, where the possibilities are endless.

Designed and created by Jennifer C. McAtee. Copyright 2016.